I’m professional musician and guitar teacher right now. And here I wanted to share with you a couple of thoughts about should you give up on learning guitar when you having a hard time with it.

I made this mistake when I start playing guitar:

I gave it up three times in the beginning

It all went not so smooth in the beginning. In my imagination, it was very cool to play a guitar. Learning turned up not as cool. That had nothing in common with computer games. A few weeks, I thought I have no progress at all. My fingertips were in pain, because I was trying to play more, than it was necessary at the beginning. I made pauses in my self-learning  for a few weeks back then. But I still wanted to play, and the desire was stronger, than disappointments, and so, I came back to playing. I started with the material, which was not the best to learn. Also, I practiced in the wrong way. Now, when I have my experience behind, I know, that I could have organized my learning process way much better, and in such way to make it pleasant. However, I’m glad, that I can now help the other people on my  guitar lessons,  who doesn’t know the answers, which I didn’t know back then. And the feeling, when you help someone to solve in a short time a problem, with which you had a long battle, seems like I come back to the time of my very first achievements!

How I fired my desire to learn to play guitar

I was a typical guitarist with an terrible sounding guitar, pretty bad equipment and a small skill and knowledge by the time, when I have heard the band, which turned my life upside down, for the first time. I never heard anything like this. That was very technical for my level then and so, I burned with the desire to play like this. That band was Necrophagist from Germany. I had a lot of free time back then, and so, I decided to spend six hours a day to reach the same level of playing, as the band members have. And through 1,5 years I really made a lot of progress. I took my skill of playing to a new level. But again, now I understand, that if I organized this huge amount of time better with the knowledge that I have now, I would do 80% more, than I really did. I would achieve what I have achieved in much shorter time. Now I don’t have this time anymore. Find out how to practice right in my article how to practice your guitar at home.


Author: Pavel Bocharov

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